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In the digital world... knowledge is power. With HIRECLICK, you'll finally understand what sources are producing results.

HIRECLICK will make your HR organization smarter…and save you money.

Analytics is the key foundation to HIRECLICK’s platform.  With these key metric insights you’ll finally know which ads, social networks, and employee referrals are responsible for your applicant flow. This knowledge allows you to allocate your budget to those sources that provide you with the biggest return.


Detailed Job Analytics

Easily review where your inefficiencies exist for a particular job.  Real-time job analytics allow you to see what sources are working, engaging and converting applicants to your next employee.

Easy to use Data Dashboard

Your HR data can become more meaningful, we make the data tell a story vs spitting out meaningless data points you don’t understand.  Stop spending countless hours gathering data points from multiple sources.  Everything can now be in one simple place, view applicant history, dates, contact information and more.


Printable/Shareable Summary Reports

Quickly and easily view your overall active jobs summary.  This real-time view allows you immediate insight to see what job listings are currently performing and those that are not.  This quick summary allows you to see how many potential applicants have viewed a particular job, applied and what top three sources are producing results.  Easily share this jazzy data with your team, coworkers, or boss

…and More!


Business Operations

Now you can redefine your strategies and operational approach based on real-time data insights.  Stop loosing potential candidates, improve your brand and keep the applicant flow coming.

Hiring Managers

Real-time feedback on the on the success of your tactics based on right now actionable data.

Potential Candidates

Your candidates will have a better experience and benefit by having better interactions with your hiring managers.